The Lab Room opened its doors in one of Madrid’s most chicest and cosmopolitan neighborhoods.

Monica Ceño Elie-Joseph, creator and owner of The Lab Room, established a 70’s stylish space with several cozy rooms where every beauty need for hair, make-up, facials, massages and waxing were addressed for beauty addicts. It soon became the hot spot in Madrid for beauty addicts. The treatments were based on natural techniques and used aromatherapy. It became a pioneer spa by using innovative techniques such as eyebrow design and eyelash extensions, and by offering trendy lines from the five continents.

Quoted by Wallpaper city guides “as an astonishing spa”, and by Italian Vogue as “the spa of the city offering the most original treatments in the world of beauty care”, the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Penelope and Monica Cruz, Esther Cañadas, Gael García Bernal or Plácido Domingo are only a few names among the celebrities that have trusted their image and well being in some of their important moments to The Lab Room.

In 2004 The Lab Room introduced its new line of products: The Lab Room Beauty Collection, a NICHE beauty line that conveys the philosophy of the lab room creator. All of our treatments are done with our line of products aiming to not only relax your body but also to unwind your soul.

C/Claudio Coello 13 BIS – Madrid 28001, Spain
+34 914 312 198 / +34 913 928 767